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Amish Paste tomatoes are very well named because they originate from the Amish community in the Wisconsin area and their primary use, although not exclusively, is for making tomato sauces and pastes. Approximate seeds per pack: 25 Days till maturity: 65 Annual Full Sun Indeterminate - This Wisconsin variety yields tons of medium sized, perfectly red tomatoes that grow to weigh 8-12 oz each. Fruit ranges from 6-12 ounces and vary in shape from oxheart to plum. Fruits are red, oval-shaped, and range in size from 2″ to 5″ in diameter. (Indeterminate. In fact, many gardeners consider the variety too juicy and too seedy to cook down for tomato sauce, and use it for slicing instead. This variety produces Roma-type tomatoes that are generally oblong, but can vary in shape from one fruit to the next. 85 days.) Amish Paste Tomato is an indeterminate, open-pollinated variety that was originally obtained from the Amish community in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It’s an indeterminate tomato … This variety produces large tomatoes … The tomato is one of the bigger paste varieties. Their high acidity makes them ideal for pasta sauce, tomato paste… Fruits have a characteristic, red tomato … It is not the typical paste type, it is much more juicy and seedy than most paste-type tomatoes and has an excellent, rich tomato … Amish Paste is an indeterminate, regular and wispy leaf plant with a very good yield of red, big plum-shaped fruit weight about 120-250g. Of Amish … Not too juicy, not too seedy—good for lazy sauce-makers, who can’t be bothered to take out the seeds!

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