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Also this is a no cooking recipe yet yummy one. Cool it and serve. Now add the jaggery syrup to the aval milk mixture, boil it for a min and turn it off. Add 2 cups of milk to this and boil for about 5 … There are so many variations of aval payasam. Prep Time 5 minutes. Delicious poha kheer or payasam made with flattened rice, ghee and milk. finally, aval paysam is very easy to prepare and a quick kheer recipe. And mix well. In a pan, add jaggery and ¼ cup of water, boil it until it melts. Aval payasam is a healthy and easy dessert prepared with aval, jaggery, coconut milk and cashew nuts. After 10 minutes, add the thick coconut milk. Finally add roasted cashews and raisins. Servings 3. Add the jaggery to it. firstly, if using thin aval (poha) do not boil for 10 minutes, as they may turn mushy. You can also use coconut milk to make it more rich. Filter the impurities and keep it aside. How to Make Aval payasam with jaggery. Prep time : 15 minutes Cook time : 12 minutes Serves : 3 Category : dessert Author : Muthulakshmi Madhavakrishnan Ingredients. It is specially made during festivals as celebrations are considered incomplete without finishing the feast without a yummy Payasam / Pradhaman of some kind . Cook Time 15 minutes. Aval (Poha / Rice flakes) Payasam / Pradhaman / Kheer is a traditional Kerala dessert that is made with jaggery, rice flakes, and milk. I used jaggery but you can substitute with sugar. Ingredients. Stir and cook on a medium heat until the payasam turns thick. Vella Aval is a very simple snack or dessert prepared with aval and jaggery. This sweet aval is usually prepared during the time of Krishna Janmashtami. Yummy aval payasam is ready. Cool and just pulse this once in the mixer. Stir often to prevent the milk scorching at the bottom. Add the aval in the same pan and dry roast this till golden brown. Melt the jaggery. 1 cup samba thin aval; 1 cup pagu jaggery; 1.5 cups grated coconuts; 7 cashew nuts; few raisins; 4 tbsp ghee; Cooking Directions so adjust milk before serving. Total Time 20 minutes. Similar to semiya payasam, it will get thickened after sometime. Print Pin. Top the payasam with the fried cashews ☺ Payasam is ready. Mix the roasted cashew powder and the shallow fried Cashew, raisins. Filter the jaggery syrup to the payasam. Filter the impurities and boil it for 2 minutes. In a pan add jaggery and add 1/4 cup of water. Aval Payasam. So always adjust the consistency while serving. In the sam pan, boil milk. Once the milk boiled add cardamom powder and the Aval to milk, cook on a medium heat until the Aval turns soft. furthermore, replace jaggery with sugar if you prefer. Once the poha/aval is cooked, add the strained jaggery to the payasam, let it cook for another 8-10 minutes. It is considered to be favorite of Lord Krishna and made during krishna Jayanthi. When it is boiling nicely, add the fried aval and cardoman powder. Add boiled milk, salt and cardamom to the aval, simmer it for 15 mins. This sweet aval or sweet poha can be offered to god as prasadham on special days. additionally, boil paysam till it turns creamy and aval softens, overcooking may thicken paysam more. In a pan add ghee and roast the cashews till golden brown and keep aside. Cook it in medium flame till it is done. 2 tablespoons ghee clarified butter; 10 to 12 cashews; Aval Payasam | Poha Kheer . switch off the flame. Don’t boil them more than a minute or two as there are chances to curdle them. Add crushed cardamoms now.

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