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Grumachama is a gorgeous, small to medium sized sub-tropical cherry tree indigenous to the coastal areas of southeast Brazil. Climate: It is a sub-tropical species. Trees are subtropical or tropical and can survive to 26F. Growing Environment. It is related to Surinam Cherry, Pitanga, Cherry of the Rio Grande and Pitomba. 28/12/18. The tree was first reported in Hawaii in 1821 in Don Francisco de Paula Marin’s journal. Also seems to grow fairly well in warm tropical climates. The flowers are white with four petals and around 100 white stamens. The Grumichama is occasionally cultivated in tropical and subtropical America, but rarely elsewhere. The grumichama is subtropical, surviving temperatures of 26º F (-3.33º C) in Brazil. Grumichama, also called Brazil Cherry Eugenia brasiliensis (dombeyi) Origin: Indigenous to coastal areas of south east Brazil. The following recommendations are based on my experience growing fruit and nut trees in South East Queensland. It can grow up to 35 feet tall but can also be kept pruned as a hedge while still producing delicious, cherry like fruit. In Hawaii, the tree fruits best from sea-level to an altitude of no more than 300 ft (90 m). … It is better suited to Palm Beach than to southern Florida. Grumichama fruits. A member of the Myrtaceae family, the plant is related to guava, jaboticaba, mountain apple and other Eugenia, which includes’ more than 30 edible species. Heavy in foliage, the oblong-oval leaves are wide with a glossy, thick, leathery texture. Medium sized tree or bush to as high as 30ft, but often much lower. It prefers a subtropical climate and can withstand light frosts. Soil. The Grumichama tree is highly ornamental, slender, and erect. Commonly known as Brazil Cherry, the Grumichama tree abundantly produces small apple-shaped fruit … With its showy white flowers, glossy leaves, and dark red fruits, the tree is often grown as an ornamental. Grumichama fruit on left , flowers on right. Generally a slow grower, the grumichama likes year-round water and care should be taken to avoid periods of drought. Varieties. Fruit tree recommendations South East Queensland jaboticaba grumichama surinam cherry black sapote dragonfruit bowen mango fig black genoa sugar banana macadamia passionfruit mulberry guava. Description. Previous Next Up Home. Can be grown as a bush. Fruit tree recommendations for South East Queensland. Hardiness. Grumichama may have arrived as early as 1791. Since distributed to Australia and elswhere.

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