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Heat stress can exacerbate heart disease and diabetes, and warming temperatures result in more pollen and smog, which can worsen asthma and COPD. environmental protection, community development, and emergency services. Residents of these communities may lack adequate health care, medicines, health insurance, and access to public health warnings in a language they can understand. One reason for the high COVID-19 death rate among African Americans is that cumulative exposure to air pollution leads to a significant increase in the COVID death rate, according to a new peer-reviewed study. A few years ago, a young boy named Kevin Brown made national news after pollution from an industrial factory near his home triggered repeated asthma attacks. Also, eforts to get the word out about how climate change afects some more than others help to spread environmental justice awareness. Disadvantaged communities are particularly at risk because subpar housing with old infrastructure may be more vulnerable to power outages, water issues and damage. Urge Walmart to phase out harmful HFCs, track and repair its refrigerant leaks, and commit to responsible disposal. Heat waves cause air masses to remain stagnant and prevent air pollution from moving away. . But strong leaders are forging progress. In addition to physical hardships, the stress and anxiety of dealing with these impacts of extreme weather can end up exacerbating mental health problems such as depression, post-traumatic stress and suicide. The following studies are examples of the contributions of OEHHA scientists to the growing body of literature on climate change: Indicators of Climate Change in California: Environmental Justice Impacts. Here are some key strategies she prescribes. Hurricane Katrina 2005 (Photo: News Muse). Again, it was no accident.”. Green American Feature: The Green Economy at Work, Turning Crisis into Creation with Green Affordable Homes, Environmental Justice, fossil fuels, and telecoms, Power to the People: Fueling the Revolution for Energy Justice, Interview with Father of Environmental Justice Robert Bullard, Federal Judge rules against rollback of regulations on oil and gas waste, The EPA Gives the Green Light To Polluters, Amazon: Empty words on climate and racial justice, Reclaiming Victory Gardens from Our Racist History, Green America: New Verizon Ad Misleads By Suggesting Cell Phone Giant is Embracing 100 Percent Renewable Energy…When It Is Only At 2 Percent Clean Power, Green America Applauds Introduction of Clean Energy Victory Bonds, Green America and T-mobile Push AT&T and Verizon to Match T-Mobile’s 100% Renewable Energy Commitment. Previously the city had brought in treated drinking water from Detroit. Despite efforts of the residents to fight back, seven new petrochemical plants have been approved since 2015; five more are awaiting approval. A 1987 report showed that race was the single most important factor in determining where to locate a toxic waste facility in the U.S. Warmer temperatures lead to the creation of more smog, particularly during summer. . As a child growing up in a poor, mostly Black rural area with less than 10,000 residents, she used an outhouse before her family installed indoor plumbing. Changes in precipitation patterns and warming water temperatures enable bacteria, viruses, parasites and toxic algae to flourish; heavy rains and flooding can pollute drinking water and increase water contamination, potentially causing gastrointestinal illnesses like diarrhea and damaging livers and kidneys. Disadvantaged communities have higher rates of health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). After the hurricane, when initial plans for rebuilding were in process, white neighborhoods again got priority, even if they had experienced less flooding. As such, it must … As we work toward Drawdown, it’s critical to address the impacts of climate change in communities of color, which are often hit “first and worst.”, Photo credit Brittani Flowers via Wikimedia Commons. “We don’t know exactly what it is yet—but you can actually measure wastewater to determine the level of infections in the community before people start showing up with the illness.” In Lowndes, one of every 18 residents has COVID-19; it is one of the highest infection rates in the U.S. Today, Flowers works at the intersection between climate change and wastewater throughout the U.S. “The more we see sea level rise, the more we’re going to have wastewater problems,” she said. Higher temperatures lead to more deaths and illness, hospital and emergency room visits, and birth defects. In addition, they may not have access to transportation to escape the impacts of extreme weather, or home insurance and other resources to relocate or rebuild after a disaster.

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