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It contains a wheel of known diameter, which record the no.of complete revolutions from which the distance can be measured. It is of fixed dimensions so, aggregate need not to be weighted for every time. Lost your password? This equipment inventory template can help. Float is made of wood which is used to smoothen the plastered concrete surface. After the excavation of ground, the lower surface may be uneven. A Step-by-Step Guide. Share it with your friends. Bulldozers5. It is also called screed. The spirit level is placed on surface and bubble is checked. Also Read: Types of Vibrators for Concrete Compaction. 40+ Construction Tools List with Images for Building Construction, Construction Tools List for Building Construction, Different Types of Concrete Mixer or Concrete Mixing Machines, Concrete Calculator – Calculate Concrete for Slab, Beam, Column and Footings, Types of Vibrators for Concrete Compaction, Types of Sealants Used for Joints in Buildings -Properties, Uses, Working, How to Become a Construction Contractor? Their use is similar to the line and pins. Please enter your email address. Become VIP Member, Do you need to remove the ads? . Mason’s square is used to achieve perfect right angle at the corner of masonry wall. Spirit level is used in brick masonry to check the level of the surface. It contains handle on its top and smooth wooden surface on its bottom. They are used to level the excavated trench throughout its length. In the yard over the weekend, having a rest after a long weeks slog. Line and pins consists a thread whose ends are connected with two solid metal rods with pin points. Passive House: Reduce Energy Consumption in Your Building. So, to protect the head from injury or any fatal accident, this safety helmet should be used. This tools is used to clean the surface area from impurities (In flooring, Slab concrete etc. Wedge is a small hard metal blade which is used to cut the rock surfaces with the help of sledge hammer. To avoid that we are using vibrators. Graders6. Date: October 30, 2019 by: Dustin Eusebio Share this article: Every construction project has a perfect set of machinery to get the job done. Equipment Specs and Charts Over 430,000+ specs for more than 18,000+ models. Construction Worker. List of Construction Tools and Pieces of Equipment # Image Name Application; 1: Trowel: Used in masonry and plastering works to place the mortar: 2: Plumb Bob: Using to check the surface vertical alignment. All Rights Reserved. The volume of measuring box is generally 1 Cubic Feet, which makes it easy to measure concrete ratio or mortar ratio. Wheel barrow is used to transport bulk weights of materials like cement, sand, concrete mix etc. The general dimensions of a measuring box are 300mm X 300mm X 400mm (length x width x depth). … is provided. To provide the good bond between the coats, bottom layer is scratched with a tool called scratchers. Safari manufactures machinery and equipment which are used in construction work and material handling of construction material. Construction tools list with pictures. Minimum 2 coats are necessary for plastering. In order to utilize the equipment and labour in the most effective way, the use of equipment needs to be carefully coordinated with the output of the work gangs. This tool is used to vibrate the concrete while pouring. We hope we all face this at least once in our life. Construction Equipment Guide contacts manufacturers and collects new model information for … On its center a groove is provided in which plumb bob is situated. The information provided should not be used as a substitute for professional services. Boning rods are made of wood and they are T shape. For every construction activity there is an optimum combination of equipment and labour. … What are the important points of FIDIC Contract we should keep in mind during tendering? It makes the work easier. It is used to level the alignment of brick course while brick laying. First course is laid properly using Mason’s square then based on the first, remaining layers of bricks are set out.

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