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Moore and Williams deliver the most creatively bold collection of Promethea yet, in which the reader takes an incredible trip through the magical cosmos, with Promethea as a guide. Red Robin, Spoiler, Orphan, and Clayface are the first heroes to get recruited. The Justice League’s intergalactic team of Green Lantern Jessica Cruz, Orion of the New Gods, Red Lantern Dex-Starr, and New Teen Titans Starfire and Cyborg make a final stand against Darkseid in a battle that reshapes the cosmic landscape across every sector of space! Marine biologist Moriah Lamb joins the Carpenter Wreck Removal team to recover the Derleth’s dead…only to find that in this remote part of the Arctic Circle, the dead have plenty to say to the living. With catastrophe looming, it’s up to Skinner and Pearl to reconcile and change the course of history — or die trying. DC COMICS FOR OCTOBER. It’s 1976, and this is the concluding chapter of the Eisner Award-winning American Vampire! Plus, catch the first glimpse of the new villain known as Ghost-Maker! It’s up to the DC Trinity of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman to investigate – but can they get the job done in the face of overwhelming opposition? Neron, the ruler of hell, makes DC’s villains – and heroes – an offer they can’t refuse, dangling serious power upgrades at the cost of their souls. In this highly anticipated epic, learn why there are three Jokers, and what that means for the decades-long battle between the Dark Knight and the Clown Prince of Crime. Jason Todd’s downward spiral began when he was murdered by The Joker. Nightwing better watch his back is he wants to be back for good! But when she finds that her old stomping grounds have been taken over by drug-running mobsters, she hatches a plan to take the town back! And in the backup story, can the Robins liberate Gotham City from the Darkest Knight’s control? When Superman and the Justice League declared themselves the ultimate authority on planet Earth, only Batman stood against them. And since that time, one figure in a fedora, mask, and trenchcoat has become a divisive culture icon. Batman may be a loner, but he can’t always do it alone. 32 pages, $3.99, (Card stock variant, $4.99), in stores on Oct. 27. And speaking of hearts, Hawkgirl will stop at nothing to find Martian Manhunter, even if she jeopardizes the League’s mission and their souls. Now, at an impasse, both Batman and Superman realize that to gain ground in their battle, they’ll have to do the unthinkable: recruit their former enemies to attack their former friends. Wonder Woman 1985 variant cover by GABRIELE DELL’OTTO. And will the DC Universe ever be the same? Plus, The Joker and Harley Quinn invade Metropolis! Trapped alone in a grim future, Diana must protect the last human city from titanic monsters while uncovering the secret of this dead Earth – and how she may be responsible for it. Now it’s up to them to find a way to stop him! And in DC Comics Presents #85, Superman crosses paths with Swamp Thing! War with the Anti-Matter World! We saw that only one anti-matter soldier could decimate a small army of Green Lanterns. This irrevocable truth resonates to the very heart of Perpetua’s battle with the Batman Who Laughs…and when her ally reveals his absolute nature, she will upend this mantra and destroy the last planet. His rage and self-loathing caused him to lash out at those around him – keeping friends and family alike at arm’s length. What happens when Batman encounters a true urban legend after speaking its name three times in a mirror, or when Madame Xanadu enlists the help of Man-Bat to take down a shadowy specter? Was this the challenge Brainiac 5 predicted? PROMETHEA: THE 2OTH ANNIVERSARY DELUXE EDITION BOOK THREE HC. This is a fight 80 years in the making, and its outcome won’t just change Batman’s life – it will change Gotham City for years to come! Simone has two useless parents and a general distaste for her life, so much so that she’s planning on taking some rat poison and ending it all – and then something changes. Stuffed to the gills with characters and action, this all-out undersea brawl will leave readers gasping for air! When he wakes from a coma, he realizes he can run at incredible speeds. 3: LEVIATHAN HUNT TP. Who shot down Diana’s stealthy ride? He loves his girlfriend, Beth, and his Capuchin monkey, Ampersand. The greatest hero history never knew is going to take Batman Beyond back in time to the Gotham of old, where Bruce Wayne is Batman – which means Batman and Batman Beyond will meet at last! UNDERWORLD UNLEASHED: THE 25TH ANNIVERSARY TP, Written by MARK WAID, PAUL KUPPERBERG, ALAN GRANT, ROGER STERN, and SCOTT PETERSON, Art by HOWARD PORTER, PHIL JIMENEZ, J.H. Their final desperate attempt at finding the cure will take them off-planet for the greatest heist in the history of New Genesis!

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