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Rice Kheer Recipe or Chawal ki Kheer Recipe - is delicious Indian dessert of milk simmered with basmati rice, nuts, sugar and flavorings. Basmati rice can also be used for making this chawal ki kheer recipe. The Garnish. It is an amazingly delicious kheer which is popularly known as Remember to soak the rice beforehand! The classic garnish is using slivers of Pistachio and almonds. Dry fruits like almonds, cashew nuts, raisins roasted in ghee add an earthy flavour to the kheer. Although broken rice also gives a distinct flavour and consistency. Jump to Recipe. The combination of Kheer puri is extremely popular North Indian sweet frequently made during festivals, wedding celebrations or any auspicious ocassions. Rice kheer is a traditional sweet dessert made for festivals & occasions.It is very similar to the English Rice Pudding,is easy to make and quite popular in the subcontient.Rice kheer is made with full-cream milk,rice,sugar and cardamon powder.. Flavored with rose water,cardamon powder,nuts.It is the best way to finish off an indian meal.

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