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The symbol is placed on the arrow side or other side of the line to indicate which side of the joint the weld goes. [1], In engineering drawings, each weld is conventionally identified by an arrow which points to the joint to be welded. One such symbol is a circle to indicate an all-around weld, which goes on every side of the joint. Supplementary symbols go at the junction of the reference line and the arrow tip. The dimensions and other numbers such as the length of the weld or number of spot welds go above and below the reference line. ISOLATED GROUND DUPLEX RECEPTACLE OVERLOAD AND PILOT LIGHT QUADRAPLEX RECEPTACLE … The arrow is annotated with letters, numbers and symbols which indicate the exact specification of the weld. Finish symbols go above the reference line to indicate the surface contour or finish of the weld such as flush, convex or concave. ELECTRICAL SYMBOLS HVAC LEGEND PLUMBING LEGEND ABBREVIATIONS. "Welding Inspection Handbook", 3rd edition, CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, Extract from Chapter 26 – Welding and welding symbols,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. [1] An ISO committee sought to establish a global standard during this decade. INTERIOR FINISH ABBREVIATIONS 1. In complex applications, such as those involving alloys other than mild steel, more information may be called for than can comfortably be indicated using the symbols alone. The US standard symbols are outlined by the American National Standards Institute and the American Welding Society and are noted as "ANSI/AWS". Letters indicating the welding process are placed at the tail end, such as AHW for, This page was last edited on 26 July 2020, at 15:41. The arrow tip which goes at an angle to the reference line, pointing to the joint to be welded. Finish symbols go above the reference line to indicate the surface contour or finish of the weld such as flush, convex or concave. finish: An italic f (Latin small letter f) written on a line representing a surface was an old way of indicating that the surface was to be machined rather than left in the as-cast or as-forged state. [1], In the US, the component elements of the weld specification are:[2], If a particular welding process needs to be indicated in addition to the symbols, the following abbreviations are commonly used in North America:[3][2]. Finish Plan and Legend 2.05 20 BD Managed Service s Allen Plaz a 1 1/8" = 1'-0" Third Floor Finish Plan Finish Legend Code Description Manufacturer Pattern / Finish Number / Color Comments B-1 Vinyl Base Johnsonite - #49 Beige 4" h. cove base B-2 Porcelain Tile Base Ragno (Distributor: Louisvi lle Tile) Maraja RM17 MT 3" x 13" trim w/bullnose edge [1] Due in part to the growth of the oil industry, this symbol set was used during the 1990s in about 50% of the world's welding operations. The reference line - the body of the arrow which is the baseline for the specification. The blackout curtain material is 100% FR blackout polyester 2. The basic welding symbol which goes on the reference line to indicate the shape of the weld such as a fillet or plug. finish legend & finish abbreviations i-001 new residence hall 75% construction documents las cruces, new mexico 88003 las cruces 8919.17 r e v i t _ v 16 g f d c b a abbreviations h k m l atc awt acoustical tile ceiling acoustical wall treatment bg bnt bumper guard bull nose tile cg chr cpt ct cub curt corner guard chair rail carpet ceramit tile cubical curtain curatin (privacy, stage) dls drs The "f" came from "finish" in the sense of "machine finish" as opposed to raw stock/casting/forging. Letters indicating the welding process are placed at the tail end, such as AHW for atomic hydrogen welding. [1] Annotations are used in these cases. CONST CONC CONN COMM INCAND IN WC HORIZ FLUOR EQUIP EXIST CONTR CONT COMBINATION FIRE/SMOKE DAMPER 1 CAT-3 CABLE SWITCH MOTOR DUPLEX RECEPTACLE MOUNTED 8" ABOVE COUNTERTOP U.N.O. The symbols and conventions used in welding documentation are specified in national and international standards such as ISO 2553 Welded, brazed and soldered joints -- Symbolic representation on drawings and ISO 4063 Welding and allied processes -- Nomenclature of processes and reference numbers. The tail which goes at the other end of the reference line. Further examples include: Abbreviations for welding processes

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