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Weapons, shields and armor will eventually break, if the player tries really really hard to do so, and will lose some of their efficiency. You should be two handing this weapon most of the time, although it is also quite good one handed as well due to the usefulness the one handed R2. Durability is a game mechanic in Dark Souls 3. save hide report. share. 1 ... a thick and wide sword that puts durability over sharpness, but is still effective due to its mass and speed Gael swings it with. I'm also talking about other stuff like DS2 bleed which deals … The once-exquisite blade is now stained black, and frayed at the hilt. Frayed Blade; Splitleaf Glaive; Projectile on Attack. 195 comments. If it wasn't obtained so late in a playthrough and had better durability, the Frayed Blade would be much higher on this list. Anonymous. King's Ultra Greatsword; Scraping Spear; Parry Frames. Skill: Hold Assume a holding stance in which a normal attack sends a shockwave along the earth, and a strong attack commences a series of slashes. ... and left the rope with frayed edges that made it look like it'd been cut with a saw. Chaos Blade; Priscilla's Scythe; Special Effects. Frayed Blade 101 - You have 3 options for stats for this weapon: A) Minimum stat requirements, B) 26 STR/40 DEX, or C) 26 STR/60 DEX. Frayed Blade [DKS3 Wiki] Comments posted to our Dark Souls 3 Wiki 28 . I'm talking about things like Frayed blade's stance>light which doesnt scale with stats and so +5 Frayed blade deals the same damage at SL120 and 500 what means that at level 500 enemy can ignore it. Without its sheath, it will soon crumble into nothing. This is certainly a reward that was worth the effort. Crescent Moon Sword; Demon's Fist; Hands of God; Moonlight Greatsword; Moonlight Sword; Durability Damage on Hit. Firelink Dagger; Firelink Rapier; Self-harm. 2.3k. Durability: We cut blade-dulling chicken wire, then sliced more celery to judge the abused blades' precision. 2.1k.

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