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Conclusion: the price differences translate to sound (and noise) differences which made me decide in favor of the premier series. Home / OUTBOARDS / PRE-73 MKIII. The PRE-73 PREMIER is a one-channel vintage style microphone-, line- and instrument preamplifier. However, the Premier PREQ-73 The circuit used in the PREQ-73 PREMIER is similar to the preamp and the equalizer section in the classical 1073 module with a corresponding sound character that is warm, punchy, sweet and musical. A soft start circuit that ramps up the supply voltage slowly (~10 sec.) Hi, I'm looking to buy a Neve type preamp and am interested in both the new Golden Age Premier PRE-73 and Warm WA73 ranges. Golden Age Premier; Search for: PRE-73 MKIII. The EQ section of the Warm was far better, hands down. These classic characteristics have been heard on countless recordings through the years and it is a versatile sound that works very well on most sound sources and in most genres. to avoid a power-on current surge. Comparison Golden Age mic preamps: Premier PRE-73 and Project PRE-73 MKIII for e-piano and bass. I had the GAP PREQ-73 Premier and the Warm Audio WA73-EQ for about 3 days for demo purposes. I ordered a Golden Age Project PRE-73 MKIII. Insert jack for inserting Golden Age Project and Premier 500 Series eq and effect units. Tested both units on vocals, acoustic guitar, bass and a drum loop. ... Got my Pre-73.. its fantastic, ... Golden Age Project is a Swedish company with almost 20 … The PRE-73 captures the classic sweet, punchy and musical characteristics heard on countless old school records. PRE-73 PREMIER INTRODUCTION Congratulations on choosing the Golden Age Project PRE-73 PREMIER microphone preamplifier! I'm particularly interested in the Golden Age Premier PREQ-73/PRE-73-DLX models and the Warm WA73-EQ. The insert is activated by removing a jumper at the back of the module. The signal path uses only discrete … Pre-73 Premier è il nuovo preamplificatore microfonico di Golden Age Premier, la linea di prodotti professionali a prezzo accessibile di Golden Age.Ispirato ai mitico 1073 del quale integra un circuito simile sia nei componenti che nel suono, dispone di ingresso di linea e ad alta impedenza (attivabili rispettivamente dai tasti Line e DI). Phase switch and switchable phantom power with a LED indicator. Golden Age Premier have constructed the PRE-73 in line with their brief; retro-style circuitry made with discrete components.

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