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Beginners can easily determine the most appropriate mallet to use. Dance-like themes run throughout the work and make for a fun piece on your next program.Genre: Multiple... Animism $35.00 Add To Cart. Requires four mallets, 4 1/3 octave marimba and Crash Cymbal (on stand). In this marimba solo, th... $13.95. This was Keiko Abe's first solo composition. Nu... $10.00. Unfortunately I find that even the hardest marimba mallets I have used still produce a very 'poofy' sound. Escape for solo marimba By Larry Lawless. Dedicated to marimbist Nanae Mimura, Apsara #1 opens and closes with a lyrical and expansive melody, at first … Hardest Guitar Solos. 5-octave marimba required. Things are constantly changing. Difficulty: Intermediate Duration: 5.0 octave is six minutes, 4.3 octave is five minutes Price: $25.00 Continue reading “Memento for solo marimba” A fast paced, rhythmic gem. The first solution makes the sound less sine-y, but also causes it to lose sustain and of course volume. This book of four-mallet marimba solos completes Cirone's The Orchestral Series. Score and Video Sample: Deu me Alegria for Marimba/Vibraphone Jessica Muñiz Price: $11.50. Add to Cart. Duration: 6:55 | Level: Med-Advanced Price: $16.00. for Marimba Solo Claudio Santangelo Price: $17.95 This marimba solo is an audience friendly, energetic rhythmic workout. These pieces, graded easy to intermediate, are arrangements of the original compositions in The Orchestral Mallet Player. Mainly a marimba solo, Agathoclea has a brief battery percussion section to add to the excitement of this piece. high school/college. A medium-easy four-mallet marimba solo that is rhythmic, syncopated, and helps the young player to develop their ability to voice chords. Others find Turkish music easy cause they grew up playing it. Abe-Frogs-M. Frogs is a classic in the solo marimba literature. All solos include sticking indications. Duration: 1:20 | Level: Med-Easy. Musical styles evolve and our favorite instrument improves, with extended ranges, more strings, longer scale lengths for baritone tuning, etc. Genre: Marimba (4-mallet) | # of Players: 1 Level: Medium | Duration: 6:00 InstrumentationMarimba... Apsara #1 (Solo 4-Mallet Marimba) $18.00 Add To Cart. This work features playful lines that bounce across the instrument. Peters-Yellow After the Rain-M. Yellow After The Rain by Mitchell Peters, utilizes simple independent and double vertical techniques. But what doesn’t change is that the following solos will always be incredibly difficult to play. A moving, heartfelt work for solo marimba & crotales with optional ocean drum accompaniment. For this problem I have two solutions: 1. taking the resonators off and 2. playing with softer xylophone mallets. Some people find Indian instruments pretty straight forward because they grew up with that system of music. Add to Cart. I picked up mallets fairly easily while others claim they "just can't figure it out". adv. There is no "hardest" Difficulty is relative to your background musically and work ethic. Apparitions for solo marimba reflects on the notion of a memory, thought, or sensation that has a tendency to resurface.

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