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Also on hand you will find value added products. 2. This will make spinning much easier. Ask the farmer if the fleece has been coated. We stock raw fleece and processed roving and top from a wide variety of breeds and we normally have more than 50 distinct breeds in stock at any time. Hand Woolcombing and Spinning. We have a … FREE Shipping. Wool Roving 1 lb Shep's Wool Soft Merino Wool for Spinning, Hand Spinning, Wool for Felting, Wool Top Roving Spinning, (1lb) Needle Felting Wool, Wool Roving, White Wool Roving. by Peter Teal and Terry Atkinson | … Our mail order business makes available to you a full range of white and natural coloured handcraft fleeces for spinning, weaving and felting. Starting with a fleece instead of tops or roving is, I think, a great way to learn more about sheep breeds, fiber prep and spinning. $38.97 $ 38. Fleece you’ve scoured and prepared yourself is going to feel and spin … If buying a whole fleece is intimidating, get a friend to share one with you. Find a fleece with a staple length of at least 2.5 inches. Raw wool for spinning. My first fleece came from a little fine-wool sheep named Stewie; I think the skirted fleece weighed no more than six pounds and the final yarn output was less than two pounds. If you are looking for fleeces for yarn felting, you can purchase shorter staple lengths. Prologue: Why Work with Raw Wool? 4.8 out of 5 stars 180. When I first started spinning, I had no intention of preparing my own fiber. But as my obsession grew, I had to try it. 97. What to look for in a raw wool fleece: 1. The Spinning Loft is the go-to source for breed-specific fiber. We are able to process this into rovings and felting batts on request.

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