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Merino wool comes solely from a strain of Merino sheep bred for its wool. Most of our selection is made from 100% Icelandic virgin wool. These socks are very warm and work as thermal socks all winter and summer. Filter by All Black Blue Brown Buttons Cardigan For Women Freyjadress Green Grey Hood Iceland Sweater Merino Pullover Red skipper Sweaters For Children Sweaters For Men Sweaters For Women Tailor Made Tight Fit White Wool Sweaters Wool Vest Yellow Zipper Merino wool comes from Merino sheep, an ancient breed originally from Spain, but now raised worldwide. Merino wool is also elastic, meaning the more you wear your aran sweater made of merino wool, the more it will stretch with your body shape, however it will then return to its original shape. We offer both hand knitted and machine knitted wool hats from VARMA, J.Davidsson and our own brand Nordic Store. Women´s best hiking socks and slippers make great winter socks, they are made from wool, calling them merino wool socks for women. good for the environment). These women´s Icelandic socks are tough and fantastic for at home, school or on a mountain hike through an Icelandic valley. Alpaca Fleece comes from the Alpaca, a native of South America and a member of the cameloid family (Cameloids also include camels and llamas). There are many things that wool has in common, and these are the things you probably think of when you think about what makes wool, well, wool: Wool is a great insulator, keeping your body warm. Merino wool and alpaca fleece are natural, sustainable products (i.e. The three most common types of mid layers found in an outdoor enthusiast’s wardrobe are down-insulated, Merino wool and fleece.We know them all, from puffy down jackets to comfy fleece zips and vests to sleek Merino mid layers. Office: Lækjargata 2, 101 Reykjavik. If you are interested in reading more about fine wool and all its varieties, feel free to explore the qualities of merino wool or the more exquisite versions like cashmere. Álafoss Wool Store: Álafossvegur 23, 270 Mosfellsbær. Fleece vs Down vs Merino Wool Mid layers. Store phone: +354 822-9100 Office phone: +354 445-8080 Average merino wool is about 21.5 microns, fine merino is 18.6-19.5 microns, superfine is 15-18.5 microns, and ultrafine anything less than 15 microns. We offer both traditional and modern knitwear design. The sweaters are called Icelandic wool sweaters or Lopapeysa. Great selection of wool hats from Iceland. The World’s Finest Wool is here for you to offer you tips and ideas that will assist you in planning your next adventure. Merino wool simply comes from a merino sheep, which primarily hail from the mountainous regions of New Zealand and Australia. Merino fibres are really fine making it way softer than traditional wool such as Irish wool which can be coarse to wear. Merino wool makes a sweater feel luxurious and so soft to wear.

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