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"Our goal is to be the next Sherwin-Williams or the new dominant paint company for a younger generation of people who love their homes," Gibbons explains. Nicole Gibbons is an American interior designer, television personality, Founder of Clare and design blogger. "I noticed how friends of mine were literally texting me pictures with 13 swatches on a wall for one teeny tiny room and asked me to help them choose, and I saw just how daunting it was for them to pick a color.". "I know that I could do so much more on my own as an entrepreneur than like working for someone else," Gibbons says. Although Gibbons did not originally intend to pursue a career in interior design, she credits her parents' influence as the foundation for her current success. The firm has two branches: one specializes in full service design for residential and commercial clients, and the other focuses on Gibbons' branded partnerships and on-air work as a design expert in television and digital media. Nicole Gibbons Style is a decorating and lifestyle blog that serves as a go-to guide to stylish living for décor obsessed readers around the globe. "I think that's really the problem when you have these people who are scouting for the talent to be featured in the magazines, and they're just not in an inner circle where their world is diverse enough to consider other types of people," Gibbons says. Our service is an approachable and affordable alternative to full service design, providing you with a do-it-yourself roadmap to designing a home you love. "While the industry isn't particularly diverse, I wouldn't say it's racist," Gibbons says. She is also the founder of Nicole Gibbons Studio, LLC, which specializes in high-end residential and commercial interior design. When she didn't enjoy the science classes that came along with a pre-med major, she pivoted to her other interests, which included fashion, beauty, and the music industry. "There's not a lot of Black designers or Black faces that you see on the pages of design magazines," Gibbons says. "I think a bold color on the wall will have so much more of a dramatic impact in the space than painting the whole room white. The designer and founder/CEO of paint start-up, Clare, has been making waves in the design industry since she started her decorating blog in 2008. "I wasn't going to go from running my own design firm to working for someone else's paint company," Gibbons explains. "I love it when folks are not afraid of using color," Gibbons says. She currently appears as a design expert on Home Made Simple, a home improvement reality show on the Oprah Winfrey Network. "I do think a lot of other Black people, again, and while maybe they're not having like experiences of racism in the design industry, they do feel like their work is under-appreciated and never acknowledged in the way that maybe it should be.". "So watching all the design shows on HGTV back when they actually had real design shows and not just real estate and renovation and reading all of the magazines and just kind of consuming all forms of design-focused content, because I just found it really inspiring, and I've always loved living in a beautiful space. She initially pursued a career in public relations and served as the Director of PR and Events for a global fashion brand for a number of years. She is best known as the founder of the decorating and lifestyle blog So Haute, and for her frequent television appearances. "I just hope that the industry and whatever they're working on in terms of their guidance, diversity initiatives, I just hope that that is backed up with real action," Gibbons says. "Most people will still prefer lighter like neutrals or shades of white because I think it's just the most universal and easy for most people to figure out how to make it work, but I do see more people embracing bolder colors than ever before," Gibbons explains. Though many designers launch a fabric line or go into removable wallpaper, Gibbons chose a different route, wanting to solve a problem she noticed as a designer. Gibbons faced challenges like any other business owner, from learning about paint chemistry and how to manufacture quality products to working on raising venture capital. "It's less of a one-on-one mentorship and more of this circle of people around me that I know I can go to when I need advice or guidance," Gibbons says. She was raised in Southfield, MI, and attended nearby Mercy High School. Nicole Gibbons is an interior designer, blogger and on-air personality best known for her … "I watched other examples of other product categories like mattresses and glasses, and luggage where someone figured out how to take a really painful shopping experience and make it easier, more convenient, et cetera.". [2] After years of bright white minimalist decor reigning supreme, Gibbons is predicting a return to moodier colors. Though the paint industry has several established brands that have been in the market for decades, Gibbons saw an opportunity in the space for more creativity and innovation. [5] As part of our new series, My Design Journey, we sat down with Gibbons to chat about what's next for Clare, her experience in the design industry, and why we'll all be painting arches in our homes this year. I was always the only one in the room, that kind of thing, but I didn't have any experiences that I would necessarily portray as negative, nor would I ever say that being Black has hindered me or my career in any way. It's not that there are no Black designers or whatever existed. "One thing that we're seeing a lot all over Instagram is like the painted arch as this new, super easy DIY to do to create a focal point in your home," Gibbons says. Though she's been a successful entrepreneur as both a founder of a design firm and an innovative start-up, Gibbons has learned more from her peers than traditional mentors. Her mother worked as an interior designer, and her father impressed the value of an entrepreneurial spirit upon her from an early age. Part of that problem is the lack of diversity in media and home magazines, Gibbons says. "Number one is that the average person who didn't have the fortune and benefit of working with the designer really struggled to choose paint colors," Gibbons says. 8 People on Finding Love on the Internet, Don't Make These Mistakes When Renovating Your Kitchen, Says Nate Berkus, The Future of Paint Is Here—and So Are Are 2019's Next Hot Colors, This Is Exactly How I Asked for My First Raise—and Got It, From "Outsider" to Supermodel Stardom: Paloma Elsesser's Journey, Meet the First Trans Woman of Color to Write, Direct, and Produce for TV, Trust Us—You'll Want to Follow These Rising Interior Design Stars, Geena Rocero Opens Up About Life After Coming Out as Trans, Authenticity, Creativity, Drive: Model Teddy Quinlivan Is the Woman to Watch, "Now My Children Have No Limits"—How TyLynn Nguyen Is Raising a Global Family, CEO Katherine Power's Journey to Running a Multimillion-Dollar Company, Meet Alison Rice, a Digital Leader and Architect of Her Own Success, "I Have a Voice, and Here's My Story": A Conversation With Danielle Brooks, Meet the Woman Who Left Corporate Life to Become an Interior Designer, How Instagram's Eva Chen Worked Her Way Up to Fashion's Most Coveted Job, And Now Here's What a Scandi Cottage Looks Like, MyDomaine uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. "[1] She likes to combine trends and styles in unexpected ways to create unique, dynamic spaces. Gibbons was born in Detroit, Michigan, to William and Sondra Gibbons. Though Clare is only about two years old, the company (and Gibbons) have big plans for the future. Though Gibbons doesn't believe racism has affected her own journey in the industry, she doesn't believe the design world is that diverse. E-design is our online interior design service that enables you to create beautiful rooms with our expert design guidance and resources. Gibbons says she doesn't have all of the answers to what's next for the industry as it grapples with diversity in media and design. In 2008, she created a decorating-focused blog, called So Haute, as a creative outlet while trying to upgrade her own space, and then requests to help friends and family redecorate came flooding in, and a design star was born. Gibbons is not thinking small when it comes to the future of her company. Gibbons says. "Up until now, literally I can't tell you how many times I've seen people do diversity and design panels where you just sit around and talk about it, but then no one ever actually does anything," Gibbons explains. "I ultimately got a job, working in fashion PR out of school and, all while I was working in fashion, especially in the early days as a young twenty-something, I spent a lot of free time still immersing myself in all things design," Gibbons tells MyDomaine.

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