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Digital Precision. Radio ready mixes for your music releases & streaming. There are millions of talented Indie and Signed Artists online on 1000´s of music sites on the Internet. Analog audio never ages. The mastering app uses a successful mix chain from my automated mastering system Blackbox. Our online mastering adds presence while maintaining dynamics throughout the entire frequency spectrum. Philip Dust is a pro mixing and mastering engineer with credits from most major record labels. Analog Charisma. Philip's credits include Singer May Abd El Aziz, Rapper Kelvyn Colt, Country Singer Morgan Wallen, Film Score Composer Taras Tkachenko, Australia's Got Talent, as well as companies such as Warner Music, BMG, Universal Music, Atlantic, Ultra, and many more. It gives the song balance, dynamics, and makes the mastering process so … Online Mixing and Mastering is the new All In One production service for the Artist that wants top quality sound for reasonable prices. Hi-End online mixing and mastering services. Online Mixing and Mastering is the New Online Solution for the Independent or Signed Artist. Mixing mastering or a mix master is a confused term used by people to describe the separate processes in music production known as mixing and mastering. 15 year's experience, credits include Grammy Award Winning Producer Greg Lawson and the Bullets production team. Mastering includes applying high quality limiters, dynamic and analog compression as well harmonic exciters to the final mix. MIXING Your Starter Guide on How to MIX Music The key to a professional-sounding song is a great mix. They are two processes requiring two different skillsets and tools. It is the essence of genuine and unique sound beauty. Once we have finished the mix stage with your multitrack recording, unlike many recording studios that offer online music mixing and mastering services, or one of those robot services like eMastered, Bandlab or Landr - we offer mastering by a real mastering engineer, in a real mastering suite. But basically, professional mixing and mastering includes things like correctly applying Autotune, compression, eq, reverb, delay and panning to your vocal and instrument tracks. I have the skill-set, pro studio, and analogue gear (Neve, API, Manley, Prism) to deliver that commercial major label mix and master sound for your music. High-resolution, flexibility, impressive dynamic range and infinite possibilities. Unlike other software that can leave your songs sounding either thin or squished, Chosen Masters gives you rich textured, full & pristine sounding results. The mastering app leverages a new technology that has been adopted by many browsers called WebAssembly which allows us to compile our C++ DSP libraries and get native performances for signal processing. Focus on creating great music, we will take care of the great mix. How does online mastering work? You have a top-notch production. Online Mixing and Mastering.

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