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$139.99 $ 139. One feature that his had, that I haven't seen since, was a groove at the rear of the shelves so you could stand up plates in the rear without them sliding down.I would leave the color. This is my story of our fun, and a little crazy, DIY life. It features a solid oak counter top with a pair of hidden solid maple hanging drawers inside the lower cabinet. The Sewing Hutch. FREE Shipping. The inside edge of the door frame was routed and thin slats of pine were tacked in place using a pin nailer. I'm not kidding! Beautiful. on Step 14. All of the panels for the upper shelves were made of smaller pieces of old oak plywood that had to first be edge-glued together. It was actually made in a very similar fashion as the one shown here, except the upper shelves were made with 100% solid wood panels rather than plywood-hybrid panels as outlined in the steps for the blue one. My wife and I picked out this color because we thought it would look good. The blue hutch shown in this instructable was made to try to use up as much remaining scrap material as possible from my shop, and I've been trying to sell it locally where I live. The idea for a plate groove is quite brilliant. Additional support pieces were glued and nailed in place where it made sense. It so reminds me of my build here:, Well thank you. I appreciate it! A similar hutch could be made in any form you like, using a variety of materials with some basic building techniques. It is also very affordable at $150. These were tacked in place with a nail gun and then painted. With the sides made, plywood shelves were made with solid oak strips glued and nailed along the front edges. I may try to convince my husband to help me and figure out how to make it without having a woodworking shop. The counter top was screwed to the lower cabinet from the inside, and the upper shelves were screwed to the counter from the bottom side as well. One of the biggest challenges I had when trying to find a modern dining room hutch for our space is that there is an air return vent on the wall that cannot be covered up. And I partnered with Kreg Tools and their new project plan site,, to share the build plans for this amazing hutch for free! Read More…. 99 $18.50 $18.50. 3.9 out of 5 stars 4. Your email address will not be published. I snapped a few photos while I was making it; I'll upload them which might give you some ideas: A little distressing with sandpaper will add to the "old" look and make it more marketable. Main Menu. I absolutely love this and I wish I had all the tools to make it. The space in our dining room next to the built in bench is only large enough for a 4′ wide hutch. Made my day seeing it because it looks so much like the things my Dad made. It features a solid oak counter top with a pair of hidden solid maple hanging drawers inside the lower cabinet.A similar hutch could be made in any form you like, using a variety of materials with some basic … These rails were glued and nailed in place, and then screws were added from the topside for additional strength. I might have to try to duplicate it sometime. The main panels for the lower cabinet and upper shelves were made from used oak plywood, taken from this piece of 90s era furniture. 1 year ago. Oak legs were cut and edge-glued to plywood pieces to create the sides of the cabinet (see 3rd photo). And the hutch is for even more display and storage. Click here for the complete plans. And this big project was made easier with the Kreg Jig and cabinetry jigs for shelf pin holes, cabinet hardware, and my favorite: the concealed hinge jig. See more ideas about cabinet plans, cabinet woodworking plans, china cabinet. The lower cabinet was made using oak plywood trimmed with pieces of solid oak. These were a great find and gave me a large supply of hardwood that I'll use for many projects. I love it!!! Plus the way these doors were put together turned out so great. You are an extremely talented individual. A gentle buffing with superfine steel wool was done between coats and after the last. . Well made in the true country style would be proud to this or one like it in my home. These shelves were glued and nailed in place to the sides, and solid oak pieces were glued and nailed in place to create a face frame to the cabinet. See more ideas about armoire, sewing cabinet, sewing rooms. A buffet with hutch is a great way to display (aka, store) all the pretty baking and entertaining dishes. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. ???? Congratulations on getting it finished :) I personally love the blue, but it isn't going to match everyone's house so can see how it would take longer to find a buyer. I decided it would nice to have a pair of hanging drawers inside the cabinet. Would you happen to have an instructable on the other one you did? These steps are unnecessary if you're using new materials, which is advisable . These were cut to size as needed using the table saw, and glued up into frames with biscuits made with a biscuit jointer. Learn. : ). The case is 33 3/4" tall, 38 inches wide, and 19 inches deep. I love this! I think I achieved that with the buffet that has beautiful shaker style cabinet doors and a large storage cabinet. The counter top was made from two pairs of book-matched boards made from the old oak beams shown here. I sell all things sewing, from fabrics to buttons to ribbons. This yielded a lot of high quality plywood as well as solid oak from the trim and doors, but it did require substantial time to harvest the material and make it usable. These were made with solid maple with old 1/4" pine plywood for the bottoms. This color is a light blue-grey in satin sheen from Behr brand house paint called "Dragonfly." I wanted something to display pretty items, but protect them from dust. Both hutches are absolutely gorgeous and would be sold in my area within a couple of hours but again the small town I live is is an artisans city and considered teh arts and craft capital of our state. But this is a piece that I know I will be passing down to my kids and hopefully they will pass it down to theirs. Glad you didn't paint the counter.

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