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Some portion of its coast was undoubtedly one of the first parts of the continent seen by Europeans. Newfoundland, the youngest of the Canadian provinces, joined Confederation in 1949. They are working dogs that hail from Newfoundland, Canada. Newfoundland Dogs are known as large, intelligent, and amiable companions. Newfies are known for being big, loyal, and patient dogs. Newfoundland and Labrador is a unique place to live. The Newfoundland is known for his sweet disposition. Newfoundland and Labrador’s modern amenities, vibrant culture, and world-class hotels, all just a few miles away from the pristine coastland and woodland offer an excellent urban and rural living. The Newfoundland's history is more speculation than fact. Its total area is 405, 720 km2, of which Labrador makes up almost three-quarters (294,330 km2). They were most commonly used for water rescues, thanks to their natural strength and swimming abilities. Little is known about his origins; one theory suggests that he descends from Great Pyrenees brought to Newfoundland by Basque fishermen, although why fishermen would have a flock-guarding dog on board their boat is unclear. The province has a long history, with its capital, St. John’s, considered the oldest city in North America. This breed has a history of working alongside Canadian fishermen on boats. Newfoundland and Labrador have woefully short growing seasons, but local produce is still to be had (see this Guide to Newfoundland and Labrador Seasonal Produce for what to expect when). He's like a big, loveable Teddy Bear. The History of Newfoundlands. Beloved for their utility as well as their loyalty, these giant dogs are often used for therapy as well as physical labor. Other potential ancestors include a French boarhound or one of the Nordic breeds. About the Newfoundland. He loves children, is intelligent, and aims to please. They can grow up to an impressive 150 pounds as an adult, reaching up to 28 inches tall.

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